Marilyn Sofa

“Marilyn” as the first and inimitable female sex symbol of worldwide fame.

Beautiful, platinum blond, incredibly talented.

The curved and rounded lines of the sofa recall it, both in shape and color, making this product “seductive” in the eyes of the consumer.

The style of the product and its softness vaguely ’60s are perfectly dated in the era of the sexy-pop icon today also faces posters, fashion and symbol of femininity.

The elegance typical of the Made in Italy vision is coupled with an expertise of 30 years as well as with state-of-the-art technology.
Our products come to life in Forlì, in the heart of the upholstery district, and then go on to reach stores and homes all around the world.

Virgin Sofa

Frame – hard wood frame

Seat suspensions in reinforced elastic webbing.

Seat cushions –  in polyurethane 35kg/m3 covered with wadding

Back cushions – – in polyurethane 21Kg/m3 covered with wadding.

Armrest – – in polyurethane 25Kg/ m3 covered with wadding. Legs

Legs – painted metal legs

Standing for a great attention to details as well as for materials that meet the most stringent international standards, our Made in Italy quality allows us to never lose track of our final goal: to please our clients, creating a relaxing and comfortable environment for them.

Virgin Sofa
Virgin Sofa
Virgin Sofa
Virgin Sofa