Dean Sofa

“Dean”, a name that echoes the Hollywood myth James Dean!

A cultural icon, the typical image of the young “beautiful and damned”, like this sofa with clean, youthful and timeless lines.

It is an association with a figure of international fame, which goes far beyond the film.

He was the first actor to obtain a “posthumous” nomination for the Oscar, then after his death, a sign of a deserved qualitative recognition as well as a unanimous election as a character of historical importance.

The elegance typical of the Made in Italy vision is coupled with an expertise of 30 years as well as with state-of-the-art technology.
Our products come to life in Forlì, in the heart of the upholstery district, and then go on to reach stores and homes all around the world.

Minerva Sofa

Frame -metal frame

Seat suspensions in reinforced elastic webbing.

Seat cushions – in polyurethane 30kg/m3 covered with wadding.

Back cushions -in goose down and polyester wadding.

Armrest -in polyurethane 25kg/m3 covered with wadding.

Legs – painted metal legs.

Clean lines for a sharp silhouette to maximise the seating space. Dean Sofa brings you the luxurious feeling in a simple shape.

This is not just a Sofa, it is a statement of taste and design innovation.

Minerva Sofa
Minerva Sofa
Minerva Sofa
Minerva Sofa