Cubica Armchair

Not too many explanations are needed to fully understand why we chose “Cubica” for this chair.

Cubic like the regular (or platonic) hexahedron with 6 faces, 8 vertices and 12 edges.

Cubic as the symmetry of the “square prism”, as the congruent and rigorous proportions in space.

Cubic as the structural solidity that distinguish both the product and the parallelepiped right and regular stereometry.

The elegance typical of the Made in Italy vision is coupled with an expertise of 30 years as well as with state-of-the-art technology.
Our products come to life in Forlì, in the heart of the upholstery district, and then go on to reach stores and homes all around the world.

Armchair Ponza

Frame – hard wood frame, seat suspensions in reinforced elastic webbing.

Seat cushions – in polyurethane 30kg/m3 covered with wadding.

Back cushions – in polyurethane 25Kg/m3 covered with wadding.

Legs – chrome metal base.

Cubica Armchair is the perfect piece of forniture for your moment of relax. It is well formed with stile and has been designed to be comfortable. It is the perfect combination of soft padding and volumes that invite you to the seat.