Brando Sofa

“Brando”: a tribute to the celebrity of Marlon Brando, probably one of the greatest “Hollywood stars” ever.

Revolutionary, award-winning, incredibly up to date, just like the inspiration for this product.

His films are considered real cult, seen at the time by more than 800 million people (today it is impossible to update the account).

Some “must” films not to be missed, just like the lines of this sofa determined to mark an indelible page of Garavini production.

The elegance typical of the Made in Italy vision is coupled with an expertise of 30 years as well as with state-of-the-art technology.
Our products come to life in Forlì, in the heart of the upholstery district, and then go on to reach stores and homes all around the world.

Morfeo Sofa

Frame – hard wood frame

Seat suspensions in reinforced elastic webbing.

Seat cushions – in polyurethane 30kg/m3.

Back cushions – in polyester wadding.

Legs – Black painted metal foot.

Brando Sofa is cool, stylish and most important of all, comfortable. The styles boast clean lines, beautiful designs and sophisticated characteristics.

The neutral color allow for seamless integration with any interior design scheme.

Morfeo Sofa